October 2020

A quarter acre of vines planted. 3.75 acres to go in the vineyard. 3 acres to go in the orchard, deer claimed their tax this year killing most of our new tree plantings. We have lost this battle but not the war. This land will be met with a relentless flood of plants until residents emerge such is the determination to create forest on these limestone pavements. There are specific challenges growing on this exposed field. Easterly winds cut with ice in the winter. Southerly winds bring moisture and summer storms when plants are in leaf. Which is why every new planting needs a stake – galvanised steel 26.9mm scaffolding tube. This steel is tough stuff and will remain embedded in the grounds of these vineyards and orchard until somebody physically rips each one out from the trees and vines which hold them in their roots. The deer threat can be abated by using 1.5m high vented tree guards, this lets a little light and wind into the new tree. At that height it is hoped to offer some protection from the shorter deer.

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We are optimistic to able to soon host some drinks parties in the vineyard in the summer – subject to permissions being granted. Weather is critical to their success so if there is a drought then let’s go!

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Planting new vines:

2020: 0.25 acres quarter each: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Bacchus, Regent(Removed) Planted by Sai, Sophie, Flavia & Sam

2021: 0.5 acres third each: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Bacchus. Planted by TBD: volunteer with us to plant out in 2021 March/April depending on supplier. Volunteers will be invited from the email list signup:


Will update when we actually get grapes…

Orchard volunteering

From 2022.